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Our Dreams

'All we want in life is to be the best at what we love doing!'

Two young men left home in their early 20s to study abroad in Australia, each majoring in their respective fields (IT and Banking/Finance). They were above average students wanting to gain more work experience from their time in Melbourne and jumped into the hospitality scene as their quickest option.

Being new to this industry, they started through humble beginnings and climbed the ranks to become respected professionals. They met when working together at one of Melbourne's best hospitality companies, as a restaurant manager and a wine sommelier. Both men soon discovered that the joy and excitement from meeting, interacting and engaging with people simply could not be replaced by any other forms of job satisfaction.

Days quickly snowballed into months and then years. Boys became men and then fathers. Still, they never left their passion for hospitality and always believed that one should pursue wholeheartedly what one loved. Eventually giving up their planned careers (at the despair of the Asian parents) and having built a decade's worth of life experiences, they wanted to do something for themselves, for their families and hopefully teach their children some of life's important values.


LiHO was born out of a dream, a dream of ultimate service and want. Choosing products that satisfy the consumer first and not the business is one of the mottos they aim to live by. And they hope to continually catch many more dream chasers to share these experiences, growth and fun, just like how Walt Disney built his empire on simple yet important values.

Meet the Team

Meet everyone involved in delivering the best LiHO has to offer

Davy Li

Our Co-Owner has turned his passion for cooking into dishing up delicious plates of food that warms the heart and everyone can enjoy.

Kenneth Ho

Our Co-Owner and Beverage Manager loves a laugh and makes the best coffees with beautiful art and creating refreshing drinks for all.

Candy Wong

Our Marketing and Event Manager is passionate about engaging with guests, organising events and slinging the occasional coffee.